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The transaction will take no more than 5 days for the money to be in your account.

Each action in a live game has been allocated a reward in fantasy dividend. This has been created so that all athletes on the pitch at any given time are valuable and offer the customer the ability to gain a fantasy dividend from any athlete. See our scoring sheets broken down by sport in the menu tab to see what actions gain the most fantasy dividend.

Please go to Menu in the top right, select Update Account and here you will be able to manage push notifications and email preferences.

ASX Sports accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express

All ASX Sport accounts must be verified to ensure the account is linked to a real person who is legally eligible by age and location to play ASX Sports.

Yes, all free to enter games are available globally. However, our pay to play games are only available in states where we have been given the legal permission to do so. These states include: Alaska, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts (AG regs), Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, West Virginia,


All other territories will be free to play only.

The transaction will take place immediately after the deposit has been confirmed.

Sumsub Ltd will handle all our Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering checks.

See our How to Play and How to Win guides inside the app in the menu bar.

Yes, the legal age limit to play ASX Sports depends on the laws in your local jurisdiction. For most states the legal minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

Please ensure you have given ASX permission to detect your location while using the app. To do this go to Settings > Apps > ASX Sports > Turn on Location.

Download our App on the Google Play Store and Apple Store!

Your Username can be changed in the Update Account tab found in our Menu tab on the App

To ensure ASX Sports is a game of skill not luck to win a contest you must invest in 3 Athletes throughout the contest to win.

Sportzcoins (SPZ) are ASX Sports’s digital currency.
Players can win SPZ and will soon be able to buy them too.
2 Coming Uses:

  1. Major Discounts on our upcoming sports NFTs

Purchase tickets to our premium contests.

Our proprietary fantasy scoring algorithm will determine each athlete's stock price.

In-game pricing is driven by market demand which, will be driven by players performance and dividend earnings.

Yes! Payouts are guaranteed and based on a participant’s ranking at the end of a contest.

Prizes and/or Sportzcoins will be awarded to the top finishers.

The IPO (Initial Player Offering) opens up the contest for individuals to buy players’ shares for that particular contest.

The top 4 finishers in all contests will be awarded Sportzcoins based on our own formula. Additionally in some contests, all participants outside the Top 4 will receive 5 SPZ each.

You can buy and sell shares in individual athletes throughout the entirety of the game using an in-game market.

No. Your shares are only available during the contest.

We have only listed those athletes on a team who can score points in the contest, thus allowing their stock price to rise and fall.

There may be up to a two-minute latency in athlete updates for our feed to catch up to live gameplay.

You need to register for every game and you will receive a notification on your phone for the start of the IPO.

Sportzcoins will be deposited directly into your ASX wallet after the contest.

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