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Buy when you spot the right talent at the right price.

If you believe there is value in an athlete, you can invest in that player and watch his stock price rise in real-time!


Register & Get Ready for the Contest IPO

ASX gives you 1000 play dollars to invest in a contest.

You decide which athletes to buy. To be eligible to partake in a contest a user must choose a minimum of 3 athletes and the cap on any one athlete is $400.

When the contest opens, you have to initially buy at least three athletes, with the aim of picking the players that will earn you the highest dividend return. With each fantasy point earned, you will get dividends into your portfolio. The more shares of a player you have the higher the multiplier on the dividends you will receive. The winner is the user with the highest amount of dividends earned at the end of the contest.

Our proprietary fantasy scoring algorithm will determine each athlete's stock price. Once the IPO has been released the ASX athlete stocks will trade in real-time. This virtual exchange is based on market demand. If an athlete plays well and players rush to buy them, his stock price will increase. If an athlete plays poorly and players begin to sell shares of the athlete, their stock price will decrease.

Trade players in real-time and compete with your friends.


Cash and prizes, as indicated within our contests, will be awarded to the top finishers of each contest.

Invest in athletes and buy and sell in real-time. ASX is more than just a game it's the first Sports Exchange where you trade based on live in game performance.

So jump in and get trading.

Real cash, prizes, and SportzCoins.


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