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ASX 2 – Published by Spark Crowdfunding

ASX 2 – Published by Spark Crowdfunding

ASX Team

5 July 2021 at 18:00:00

echnology platform offering an exciting new virtual Stock Market for Players and Teams where clients speculate on price movements based on Player/Team performance


Based in Dublin, ASX is a Sports and Entertainment Technology company. It operates at the nexus of Sports Betting, Financial Market Investment and Fantasy Games.

ASX offers Sports Fans a new way to speculate on Player Performance or Team Performance.

Think of it as a virtual Stock Market for Players and Teams where users speculate on the price movements which are based on Player/Team performance.

Key highlights:

  • Founded by Paddy Power, industry expert with an unrivalled track record and connections built up over 25 years.

  • Entering a new market segment experiencing explosive growth rates.

  • Engaged in commercial discussions with 10 global sporting brands in the USA.

  • Proprietary technology and pricing engine developed by industry experts.

  • External validation by acceptance into two of the leading Accelerator Programmes in the world.

  • Rare opportunity to co-invest with a Founder and Team of this nature in a sector like this.

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