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ASX Sports Launches World's First LIVE Fantasy Sports Fan Contests

ASX Sports Launches World's First LIVE Fantasy Sports Fan Contests

5 September 2022 at 11:00:00

Social Plus Fantasy Contests Allow Fans to Create their Own In-Game Contests

Dublin, September 1st, 2022 – ASX Sports, the only next-generation virtual sports exchange to offer fans live, free to play in game ‘trading’, today announced the launch of its new peer to peer contests, making it the first fantasy sports platform in the world to have fan contests running LIVE during games.

The new peer-to-peer technology allows players to create their own contests and clubs, and play against friends and fellow players for real money or sportzcoins.  This proprietary technology rollout signifies ASX Sports' embrace of Social PLUS fantasy sports and live trading.  It will also enable sporting celebrities and social media influencers to monetise their own followers via the gaming platform.

ASX Sports also recently rolled out real money cash games to the U.S. market, allowing residents of 23 U.S. states to stake dollars to enter paid games for cash prizes.  This was a significant milestone, enabling ASX Sports to accept eCommerce transactions on their platform through a secure payments system powered by Access Merchant Services, with the KYC process managed by Sumsub Ltd.

Paddy Power, President at ASX Sports said: “The launch of peer to peer games on ASX demonstrates our dedication to driving innovation in the fantasy sports market.  It comes at a time when our beta app has been installed more than 20,000 times, with over 30,000 contest entries across 10 of the biggest sporting leagues and competitions in the world including the NFL, NBA, EPL, MLB and the Six Nations.  In addition, our app has been ranked in the top 100 sports apps in 11 different countries now, including The United States, Ireland and South Africa.  On top of this, SportsPro Media named ASX among the 20 sports tech start-ups to invest in for 2022.”

About ASX Sports

ASX Sports is a next-generation sports and entertainment platform that is taking fan engagement to the next level. Its fintech-quality exchange allows sports fans to ‘trade’ in game, creating a first-of-its-kind, second screen and OTT live action experience. ASX Sports was also a member of the Sportradar Acceleradar Program and recently announced that they are rolling out their own ASX private blockchain partnering with the Aventus Network that will allow further innovation in the Web 3 space. With strong roots in betting and sports entertainment innovation, driven by the Paddy Powers brand, ASX Sports has pushed into the US with headquarters in Miami, a leading fintech and crypto hub. ASX Sports apps are free to download for Android and Apple users.

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