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Play live in-game ASX Sports contests which are free to enter and consist of public leaderboards with players from across the globe and private leagues among friends.

First, you select the game you want to enter.

Then, you buy the players you want to add to your portfolio. You need to select a minimum of 3 players to play.

Unlike regular fantasy sports, your portfolio of players will earn you a fantasy dividend based on their real live performance in games. You can then use this fantasy dividend to grow your portfolio and beat your competition.

Players can be traded in-game to maximize value. For example, in the Rugby contests, tries, tackles, ball carries and line breaks are some of the stats that count towards a player's performance and earn you a fantasy dividend.

Prove your sporting knowledge against friends, family and players across the globe on the next-generation fantasy platform from ASX Sports.

ASX – the world’s 1st fantasy sports platform with live in-game trading – Download Now!

The World’s 1st Sports Exchange Trading Game.

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